Exterior painting


If the physical appearance of your property is important to you, we also don’t take it lightly. As experts in exterior painting, we can help you bring back your old property to life. Even if it’s a new property, it’s important to do a perfect painting job. This will enhance the overall beauty of the building. At

If you are looking for a durable, long lasting paint job that can stand the test of time, we can assist you a great deal. As experts in both interior and exterior painting, we always try to over-deliver on our promise.

We handle a wide range of projects

You have the building but we have the painting experts to improve the outward appearance of your building. Whether it’s a commercial property or a residential place, be assured that Class Painting will do a perfect paint job.

Our experience cuts across all types of buildings, including schools, hospitals, residential units, factories, as well as service firms.

A team of certified professionals

All our painters are certified professionals with many years of experience. You can easily bring a new life to your property by revamping the exterior with top quality paint job. Pains have a way of turning an otherwise unattractive building to a very beautiful one.

If you have a particular painting style you want, we can easily interpret the design and recreate exactly what you have in your head.   This is because of the top quality paint and experience professionals with us.

A building may lose its vibrancy when it’s coated with the wrong color.  If you want to enjoy your beautiful and attractive property, you need the help of an expert. Fortunately, Class painting can provide all the answers you seek.

Exterior painting for residential and commercial buildings

If keeping your house attractive is a criterion for you, you have certainly come at the right place. Class Painting will help you create the right color for your residential building. Our exterior painting experts will select the matching color for the proper outlook of your building. And if you have a commercial property, we have painting experts who are equal to the task too.

We keep everywhere clean after the job

We are always mindful of the importance of cleanliness in our job. We make sure that the paint is not littered around after the task. Our protective materials make sure of this. After the painting project, everywhere is properly kept tidy without leaving any trace of paint anywhere apart from the work area.

We make use of premium quality materials

Your home and business are part of your greatest assets. It’s necessary to keep them attractive and beautiful. They both portray your image to your friends and business associates. That is why it’s vital to use premium quality paints on your exterior.

If you are looking for the right company for the painting task in your home or office, you should only settle for the best. Interestingly, our professional painters in Class Painting will provide exactly what you need.  In addition, our rates are the most competitive in the industry.