Commercial painting


Any business owner should, in clear terms, understand the need of having a good image. And the physical appearance of your commercial place has can go a long way to improve that image. When your business environment has the right physical appearance, it has a way of attracting more customers.

We at Classic Paint understand all these. Our commercial painting service provides long lasting paint that is both suitable and perfect for your business place.

No matter what type of commercial property you manage or own, our team of experts can handle it for you. We take care of schools, apartment complex, dental office, federal or state buildings, as well as other types of office building.

Whether you want to revitalize an old paint or want a completely new coating, we will help you get the job done. When you apply a fresh coat of paint on your business environment, it can do wonders.

Apart from improving the tidiness of your business place, it creates a positive impression on your clients or customers. It also creates an enabling working environment for your employees, which will surely improve productivity.

At Class Painting, our goal is to create that perfect environment by applying the best coat of paint that suite your environment. Our quick-dry and low door paints with long lasting glossy effects will keep your property very attractive.

Hassle Free consultation

Our Class Painting professionals have the skills and experience to deal with a wide range of commercial projects, no matter the size.  The process is quite simple. Once you meet with our assigned expert for on-site consultation, every other thing will be resolved. You get to know the cost of the project after the on-site examination.

On-time project execution

Our goal is to satisfy your needs whenever you call on us. In that case, we timeliness is an important watchword for us.  We at Class Painting always make sure that the painting project is complete as scheduled. During the consultation, we offer our clients free quotes to help them compare our rates.  And we always ask our customers to remove whatever indoor or outdoor furniture that stands on the way. This will help us complete the task as scheduled without causing any stains on your property.

Always committed

At Class Paintings, we give our clients undivided attention to make sure their painting project goes in order. That is why we always assign a dedicated project manager to any client. The manager will be committed to your task. He or she will also provide answers to your questions and address your worries from inception till the end of the project.

Whether you want to pain a large commercial center or a small business unit, we are always available to help you. Treat all our clients equally, with no particular preference for any client.


Our experience over the years has helped us to handle different types of painting project. If you want a trusted and experienced hand to paint your commercial property, Class Painting will surely meet your needs.